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The term “yakisugi -ita” (Yah Kii Soo Gii iit ah) translates roughly into “burnt cedar boards” and is a traditional Japanese technique used for preserving “cladding” on the side of a house.

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Minimize Food by William Kass

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the little things in life
june 28, 2014

Being consistent.

The past two years I’ve learned to be consistent regardless of how trivial and repetitive tasks might seem to be. These are things that are often ignored and neglected. In the beginning, I’ve learned to build positive habits in order make simple tasks bearable and enjoyable as well.

[Do what you love and do it well. If you don’t even like it, do it even better. Set your own standards and set it high.]

My hard work has paid off and will continue to serve me well in the future.

Places To Go

Solo Trip Adventures

  1. Lake Tahoe
  2. Lassen Volcanic National Park
  3. Death Valley
  4. Redwood Forest
  5. Inyo National Forest
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Rock climbing AND crazy leggings. Whoa.

oo my leggings look like this, just not as bold. :P

I love the picture, but you would never actually rock climb with a bare stomach. Ouch.

This climber is a friend of mine, and she actually does climb with a bare stomach…. And her stomach is still perfectly fine! Guys climb without shirts on all the time? It’s surely no more dangerous for us than it is for them :P

This is Natalie Duran. She’s actually a sponsored rock climber and part of the Mad Rock team. If you just check the source of this photo, it’ll direct you to her personal blog. Scroll through her blog and you’ll see that she climbs with a bare stomach quite often, as many other women and men in climbing do.

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something that’s often left out in the conversations about "nice guys" and the "friend zone" is the way these men are not just recipients of rejection but also dole it out themselves in a way

by faking a friendship with a woman solely for the purpose of one day perhaps potentially maybe…

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This tweet is so important to me

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Mountain Backpackers (custom orders available) by Benedetta

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Reminder that there are great space agencies out there.

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
ESA - European Space Agency
CNSA - China National Space Administration
JAXA - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
CSA - Canadian Space Agency
ROSCOSMOS - Russian Federal Space Agency

And about 1/2 of them look like the Starfleet symbol

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28 years young!

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I have a fond appreciation for these :D

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I left my cat out in the rain for about 0.2 seconds too long, which makes for some interesting facial expressions.

very human faces for a cat

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